DB Gaming is a gaming clan with over 100 members on various platforms in various countries around the Globe. We are an organised, efficient and fun clan. We play host to a Military Style Rank and Squad System which works very well organisation wise. We encourage our members to play competitive gaming to improve their Tactical Awareness and Technique, this alongside training session will mould you into a Top Gamer.

If competitive gaming isn’t for you then come along and enjoy our fun atmosphere and discuss games, help write the newsletter to create various events for the clan to take part in. We pride ourselves on having a community as well as a gaming community.

Head on over there now and sign up! http://www.dbc-forum.net/


Gamers@Play are proud to introduce Nerf The Noob. Nerf The Noob consists of Eoin and Lee. When Eoin isn’t owning noobs in Battlefield 3 and giving you guys some tips, tricks and advice Lee is bringing you all your gaming news, reviews and previews. They will be bringing you gameplay videos along with commentaries that will keep you entertained time and time again. So if you like what you see and hear head on over to theNerf The Noob Youtube Channel and hit that subscribe button. We promise you won’t be disappointed.