Pro Evolution Soccer 2016 Demo Review
Today, I downloaded the demo for PES 2016. I thought I would give the game a try, because FIFA has had a lot of attention from myself, and I believed it would be a good idea for me to evaluate Pro Evo and its credentials. Now, although this was only a demo, it was the first PES game I played since the 2009 installment. I had heard of the issues with PES 2015, and that its gameplay wasn’t up to scratch, so hopefully this will enlighten some fans who were left disgruntled by the previous title.

Gameplay: The choice of playable teams in this demo are; AS Roma, Bayern Munich, Juventus, Corinthians, Palmeiras, and also the national teams of France and Brazil. First things first, I’ll talk about the gameplay. At first I found it to be very frustrating, especially on the highest difficulty, but once I had figured out the style of the game, it started to become very exciting. I was mainly playing against Juventus as Bayern Munich, and the individuality of the players shone through. For example, Arjen Robben and Franck Ribery felt so unique in their dribbling style and movement. Whereas, Xabi Alonso and Mario Gotze felt very much like the hub of the team, and the start point of where to build your attacks and move up the pitch.


This game encourages slick, sophisticated and stylish gameplay. It isn’t about running down the wing, whip a ball in and let the striker head the ball home- it’s about the beautiful game being played beautifully. The passing and ball mechanics work in perfect harmony, and it enables you to experience some great build-up play and memorable goals. More on the goals now, and the shooting mechanics. I liked the challenge of finding ways to beat the goalkeeper and feeling the relief of seeing your own goalkeeper save your team.

The pace of the game was something that came as a nice surprise to me, as it was quick, without being too fast. I thought the balance was well thought out. The matches felt nice and open, but the emphasis was very much on team cohesion and building your way through a game. I felt a real sense of joy when I scored a goal, because I felt as though I had worked my way through the pitch, and played the ball through the opposition to do that.
However, there were points in the game where I was frustrated by my team. I found my team were opened up too easily at the back, and that they didn’t respond quickly enough to being caught out in possession. One other small gripe was the set-piece system. But, this is the first PES game I have played in a while, and it will obviously take time for an inexperienced PES player to get used to set-pieces.


Graphics: The visuals are stunning. When you get to see the players up close, the finer details have not been missed and the realism is very much apparent. The player likeness was good and overall product in terms of its look was brilliant. However, I felt the crowd interaction could have been a little better, but as this is only a demo, I would anticipate a more involved crowd and more passionate support when the full game is released.

Sound: Like I mentioned before regarding the crowd graphics, the sound could have been more vibrant. There were points where the crowd would break out in to a song, but I felt as though a sustained noise over a longer period in the game would have given it a greater atmosphere. But, this is a minor gripe, because upon scoring a goal, the fans did burst in to a crechendo of noise and add to the overall excitement of scoring.
Verdict: I was very impressed with PES 2016’s demo, and I think the final product will be even better. It had been a while since I played a Pro Evo game and I was definitely impressed by it. The gameplay was smooth, the tempo at which the game was played was almost perfect and the overall product looked impressive. Having not played the full game, it is hard to give a rating for a demo, but if the finished product carries on from what I have initially seem from PES 2016, I would give it upwards of