WWE 2K16 News

There have been developments on the status of WWE 2K16, and what to expect from the game. For those of you who don’t know exactly what the game will entail, allow me to bring you up to speed with what we know so far. Roster: The roster features no duplicated superstars, meaning there will be one of each superstar/diva, and their alternate attire or previous gimmick will not count towards the number of playable characters within the game. The roster is huge, as there is a mixture of current stars, legends, NXT superstars, Hall of Fame wrestlers, as well as your creations. As if that wasn’t enough, The Terminator will be a playable character in WWE 2K16 if you pre-order the game.
Gameplay: The match types have been completely overhauled, and there are a number of match types to choose from. For example, WWE 2K16 sees the addition of the Punjabi Prison, the Iron Man match, I Quit match as well as the classic Backstage Brawl. Not only that, but entrances will no longer be the generic walk to the ring. In 2K16 you can ‘break out’ and attack your competitors before the match has even started. Not only that, but there are no cut-scenes between entrances, as now the game will flow from one to the next. I believe this change gives the game a more realistic feeling, and it will feel more like a television broadcast. Also, chain wrestling and submissions have been changed.
Content: My Career will now extend beyond the point of a world title win, which is a huge bonus, as the edition of 2K15 left you wanting so much more from this game mode. Another massive change is the reversal system. In previous wrestling titles, players could keep pressing the reversal button and matches lost their flow and the gameplay felt slow as a result. Now, there will be a set number, so it could mean that matches are far more tactical and technical, rather than button-mashing and hoping for the best.

For me, the creation centre is a massive part of any wrestling game. I was so disappointed with 2K15, as there were a limited number of ways in which you could modify your character and make them unique. Hopefully, this has an overhaul. But, there is a return for Create a Show, Create an Arena, Create a Championship and Create a Diva. Furthermore, there is a 3-man commentary team, as JBL joins Michael Cole and Jerry ‘The King’ Lawler.
Graphics: Just from what I have seen, there appears to be an emphasis of the all-round appeal of the product from a visual standpoint. It appears as though the graphics won’t be primarily focused on the facial features of the superstars, but that the graphics are better across the board.
Head over to WWE’s official YouTube channel to see their content, and let us know in the comments section if you believe this could be the most exciting wrestling game in recent times.