Gears Of War is the extremely popular series exclusive for only the Microsoft Xbox Consoles. Its set in a post-apocalyptic world where creatures from the ground called Locusts kill humans, you fight the Locust hordes with one of the last remaining human soldiers called the COG soldiers. The planet the main characters are on isn’t earth but an inhabitable planet called Sera, the gameplay of the series is often fast paced where you have to use cover to get out of harms way as the Locust hordes can kill you easily if you don’t use your surroundings and ammunition wisely. You can also lock chainsaw guns with a Locust soldier at close quarters and chainsaw him in half, be warned he can do the same to you which is often the case because the Locusts present a hard challenge for the gamer. A unique shooter that is full of action and intense scenes of violence that is being updated for the Xbox One, the new generation of console will drive the visuals and story to a whole new level.

Marcus Fenix kills a Locust.

Marcus Fenix kills a Locust.

Gears Of War has been a fan favorite for years since its first release in 2006, owners of the Xbox One consoles have been wanting the titles from the Xbox 360 released for the Xbox One, preferably backwards compatible so gamers can play the games of the past console which became quick classics. Fortunately fans have gotten what they wished for with the news of the Gears Of War Ultimate Edition which includes the original Xbox 360 games stunningly remastered and modernized for Xbox One consoles. The graphics specifications for the remastered games are still a bit sketchy but when more details are released we will keep you in the loop.

Gears-of-War Action

Long time fans of the series as well as new gamers alike can jump into the series from start to finish fighting the Locust hordes as Marcus Fenix with the new edition being released. Definitely an exciting announcement for any Gears Of War fan and with great anticipation and fingers crossed we all hope it will be released soon.

Gears Of War