Telltale games first released The Walking Dead Game on April 24th, 2012 to a bunch of eager and nervous fans who were unsure whether it would be any good as tie-in games sometimes never hit the mark. As a fan of The Walking Dead comics and TV Show I was a bit apprehensive to play this game. I am so glad I decided to play it. Many fans will agree with me when I say every moment of the game makes you second guess your choices and actions in every way possible, the fact that you can choose your own choices adds more of a realistic aspect to the game and makes you more emotionally invested in the outcome of all the characters.

Telltale games offer a unique gameplay style and experience. conversation trees provide different dialogue depending on what you say, if you remain silent a character could take it the wrong way. You have a certain amount of time to pick your dialogue choice which means you always have to have the controller in hand when playing. Certain choices in the game have you choosing who lives and who dies, often doing the right thing isn’t as easy as one thought. Especially if you come to regret your choices that you’ve made.


The Walking Dead Game stars Lee Everett who is being driven to jail for killing a man. During a car accident you are thrust into the manic universe where you have to survive. Lee grabs a shotgun after kicking in a window (he is handcuffed during this) and tries to pick up the shotgun shell off the floor while the dead police officer reanimates into a crawling flesh hungry zombie hell-bent on killing you. You have to frantically move the cursor in some scenes where you have to look at an object and interact with it. Once you put the shotgun shell into the chamber you are forced to blow his head off wasting your only bullet, the zombies hear the noise and chase you to a wooden fence and jump over it to a backyard with a treehouse. After searching the house you find a radio and communicate with what sounds like a little girl. You ask the little girl some questions and begin to walk out the glass sliding back doors when her babysitter, now turned into a zombie, jumps at you pushing you back into the kitchen, you then slam her into the kitchen counter and back away fast tripping on the puddle of blood on the floor you failed to miss in your panic. Lee slams his head on the edge of the kitchen counter and the screen turns fuzzy, all that you can do is back away and kick her in the face. The little girl hands you the hammer and you repeatedly hitting her over and over until her face is splintered beyond recognition. (The game is extremely violent and has strong adult themes and violence)

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You find out the little girls name is called Clementine and that she’s 8-years-old and her parents went to Savannah when the apocalypse happened. Lee sort of adopts her and takes care of her, you get the choice of being nice to her or horrible to toughen her up. It’s completely your choice as you have the freedom of choice. Along the way you meet characters that are both nice and evil and somewhere in-between trying to survive.

The series revolves around Lee and Clementine’s relationship and those around them that help them survive and try to kill them. The Walking Dead has always focused on human beings as being the monsters and the zombies (known as walkers in the show) as being a suspenseful threat. The game delivers on gore, strong voice acting and a story that delivers on an emotional level that is both satisfying and heartbreaking at the same time. If you like painted looking visuals and tough choices this is your game.

I highly recommend this game to anyone who loves The Walking Dead, a great story, action and violence. Definitely one of the best titles ever made.