This extremely fun game that combines football and cars has amassed an astonishing 5 million downloads in total. Its popularity has risen dramatically following its release as a free game on the PlayStation Store. For those of you who haven’t downloaded it yet, Rocket League is still available as a free download until 4th August- and I would highly recommend it.
Direct from PlayStation, it has now been announced this August that there will be a DLC expansion pack to accompany this game. The DLC is titled ‘Supersonic Fury’, and the pack will feature new cars, new maps, new stadiums and new trophies.



Among these are new rocket boosts and two new vehicles, one of which is an American muscle car and the other is a Japanese street racer. This news is a welcome surprise for me, as I love this game and the sense of achievement you feel when you complete a game and unlock a new mod for your vehicle. So, to have more choices at your disposal is greatly received.
Scheduled for release in early August 2014, this downloadable content will be available for $3.99 (£2.56).
Sounds good doesn’t it? Well, there is more. In addition to the priced download, there will be a free download next month that will entail a new map called the Utopia Coliseum, over 70 national flags, and a spectator mode in which players can view live games from any camera angle in the arena. There are even additions to explosions when scoring and demolitions and if that wasn’t enough, there is a new song called ‘Firework’ that will feature in the menus.

The paid DLC is good on its own merit for sure, but I am really excited by the free download. To get so much content within a free download is a really nice touch from Psyonix, and you do get the feeling they are overwhelmed and overjoyed by the support they’ve been getting just recently.
As I stated before, I love playing Rocket League and I think this news gives the game more longevity and makes it more rewarding. Once again, I’d like your feedback to this news, and your opinions on how Rocket League can further expand.
(source: PlayStation)