In honor of the mighty Fallout 4 being released let’s look at some of the funniest memes to grace the internet from the previous games:

Remember when you finally found Daddio in Fallout:

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Bonus points for anyone who remembers this busy little bee


No Meme post is complete without some Keanu….and he doesn’t disappoint in fallout.


We have all done this…..Don’t lie

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Ye this reaaaaaly helped…..Thanks Bethesda

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Ah that desperate moment, it’s your last bullet and if you dont kill the guy you know your just gonna be another skeleton in this apacolyptic world.


There are just some of the funniest memes we have seen on the interwebs but I am sure there are a lot more you guys can show us! Leave them in the comments below…..and oh ye

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