A very simple but very amazing idea by Psyonix here, take two teams of cars, add a ball and a goal and you get one of the most fun and enjoyable multiplayer games available to play. Its soccer with cars! As a free game on PS Plus this week sweetens the deal.

Rocket League may sound familiar and that’s because it’s a sequel to¬†Supersonic Acrobatic Rocket-Powered Battle-Cars (aka SARPBC). Yes that is what they really named it. This game however lets go of the over-complicated design of its predecessor and instead goes for simple, fun and genuinely at times hilarious game-play, especially with friends.

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The game pits up to four players on both sides against each other in an arena. The aim is simple, use your Rocket Car to put the ball in the other teams goal. While the game-play seems simple and is fun to just pick up and play there are a lot of tricks at your disposal and in online games team-play and tactics are essential to get a win. The fun never stops though even if you are losing.

The controls are very well laid out. The cars drive like in any other racing game, R2 to go L2 to brake and they handle wonderfully. There are boost pads dotted throughout the arena that you can use to fill up your boost bar so you can use it to get an advantage over your opponent. Whether it be your teams on a break and you rush forward at the perfect time to hit the ball into the net, or rushing back towards your own goal to knock the ball off the line and become the hero by saving your team from conceding. All in all the game-play is just outstanding, combined with the great tight controls it leads to hours of fun whether offline or online.


Offline you can choose to either start a tournament where you can win all the glory or enter exhibition mode where you can play local split-screen. This is great to see as I miss the good old days of having friends over and enjoying split-screen games that leads to hours of fun and laughter, something that is becoming all too rare in gaming in recent years.

Online is where the game becomes the most fun though. You can have a team of four of your friends face off against other teams in the world or create a private match and get super competitive with your online buddies and become a legend among them as the best soccer player they know….in a car. Either way the game is definitely one of those games that just brings pure enjoyment while playing with friends and moments that will be talked about fondly in the annals of car soccer history.


There is plenty to unlock too as you level up your profile. As you pick up exp points through playing by scoring goals, winning matches, assists or finishing matches you can unlock new car types, boost colors, decals and cool little flags and hats for your cars to give yourself a unique look out on the pitch.

For a game that is currently free to ps plus members, for me it is a must download game and a great addition to anyone’s games library. The game is fast, fun, exciting and never gets boring while playing with friends. What could be better than a friend centering a cross from the wings using a car and you boosting into the box, jumping and flying through the air to smack the ball in top corner while the other team desperately boost and jump their cars in front of the goal but no avail.

The game is currently available for free to PS Plus members on PS4 and for purchase on PC Platforms.