Oh everyone remembers the childish screams of joy they let out the first time the Gjallahorn dropped for them in Destiny. Everyone also remembers the utter content they felt for their friends that had been playing a lot less than you but then still managed to get one after joining the NIghtfall with the last boss at 10%. For any of you that don’t know the Gjallahorn is the Holy Grail among exotic guns in Destiny. It can drop after a week or you may never see that beautiful gun pop up for you all because of Destiny’s, at times punishing RNG. Now while I finally got one after almost a year of playing I still have friends doing the raids and Nightfalls every week in hope of getting the wonderful Rocket Launcher but it just never drops for them. They constantly have to sit through being made fun of not having one because that’s what us Gjallahorn owners are supposed to do right? It’s not even their fault they can’t get one the game just seems to take a personal disliking to some players and has decided they are not worthy.


Xur sold the Gjallahorn in the first week he appeared and since then nothing. He will never sell the rocket launcher that seems to be very important for most parts of the game. It helps to defeat bosses a lot easier and can even mean people being kicked from groups for not having one. I Mean Crota hates the gun! All of this is not the players fault though as they are completely powerless as to when or how they can get the Gjalahorn. Is it about time now that Bungie does something to make the gun more easily obtained? I say easily loosely. I mean give the player some power over getting the gun without making it obsolete as the rarest and most powerful and wanted gun in the game.


What if Bungie kept everything the way it is and after you reach a certain play time/or completed all the raids/strikes etc. you had a chance to get an exotic bounty for the gun. Now This brings in RNG again but exotic bounties do come around more often than that lovely rocket launcher we all want.

The bounty would also have to be fairly difficult to complete once you do get it. Doing a certain amount of raids for example or even completing one flawless. At least this way it gives the player some sort of control over when they get the Gjallahorn instead of wondering if they will ever get it.

What are your thoughts on this. Should Bungie leave the Gjallahorn to RNG or give some control to the player over when they can get the gun.