With Destiny just around the corner there are bound to be many of you drawn into its First-Person-Shooter gameplay who have never participated in an online MMO before. There may be some nasty surprises for some around the corner but hopefully this list will help  ease you into the MMO side of the game. MMO veterans will know what to expect but if you have never played one before here are some things to look out for and tips while playing the game.

The Level Cap Does Not Mean You Are Anywhere Near Finished With The Game:

There is a lot of worried gamers talking about the level cap being at thirty. An MMO veteran will know reaching the level cap is only a very early milestone at being the strongest you can be in the game. An MMO only really starts when you reach the end game and start the grind for the best weapons and armour to increase your stats rather than the level doing it. There will be plenty of end game content that will open once you hit thirty on the game that will need to be played multiple times in order to get the best gear drops if you want to be the strongest you can be. Add that to the Crucible gear you can buy by earning credits from playing PvP you will be playing the game long after you hit that level cap of 30.

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Finding A Good Clan To Play With Will Make The Whole Experience A Lot More Enjoyable:

MMO’s are very social games. While Destiny can be enjoyed completely on your own it wouldn’t be recommended as the social aspect and teamwork of these games are where all the fun is to be had. Nothing compares to taking down that last difficult raid boss with a bunch of buddies after a few attempts. The whole social side of the game would be much better enjoyed as part of a nice, helpful group of people. If you are stuck on a dungeon or raid its great to have a group of people to help out when you get in trouble.

Prepare To Grind And Redo Parts Of The Game Over and Over:

This may be the worst part of MMO’s. The constant grind to get the best gear. Most likely you will have to play that end game raid over and over before you get that weapon or armour drop you wanted. Luckily the fact that you are most likely able to perform bounties and if you’re in a clan, helping first timers makes this less monotonous and it turns to enjoyment instead…well most of the time.

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Prepare For Elitists:

These are the guys that spend their every waking moment playing the game and get angry when someone doesn’t know what they are doing. These are usually few and far between but when one pops up its usually better to ignore the. They will yell you noob as well as other unmentionable words and try ruin the enjoyment of the new players who are there for fun. Try not to turn into one of these!

Be Helpful:

Last but not least help your fellow gamer. If someone is stuck tell them what to do. Some time you may need a little help and what goes around comes around. Make Destiny a friendly MMO and it will be even more enjoyable for all!

There you have it. Some tips to help ease you into the MMO side of Destiny. Destiny releases on the 9th of September and is bound to be a contender for game of the year. Well here’s hoping.


Written by Blain O Neill